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Press Release

December 12, 1990


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Quality Control

The highest level of quality work is required of each employee at every level of the process.  Supervisors and production employees are properly trained and informed of the requirements and specifications of each client. Up-to-date procedure manuals are maintained for every client and employees are always notified in writing of procedure changes.

A supervisor reviews each employee's work upon completion for accuracy and timeliness.  Production and quality logs, maintained by the supervisors for each of their staff members, are reviewed with each employee on a weekly basis.

Our audit process ensures deposit accuracy.   This process guarantees that all deposits are reconciled and balanced before leaving the DMP facility.

DMP's scanning system was designed to greatly reduce the possibility of error.  Scan operators double check all documents for changes or comments.  Mailcodes and premium codes are validated and matched back to the mailcode/premium code tables during scanning process. The check digit is matched to the appropriate check digit algorithm.

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