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December 12, 1990


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Sustainer / Monthly Pledge Processing

DMP maintains monthly sustainer files on behalf of our clients. Files are stored on a secure server that only designated staff can access. The files are zipped and encrypted on that server, until monthly processing occurs. We maintain both EFT and Credit Card files, and process these files on any date each month, as designated by the client. We inform our client of successfully processed monthly donations, as well as rejected donations. Customer service letters are mailed to the monthly donors when their donation is declined or rejected.

New monthly donors can be added to the monthly files, based on responses received to a sustainer invite in the direct mail program. Also, changes/updated information can be captured via direct mail replies.

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Secure Donation / Payment Processing
Strategic Information System / Imaging
Special Handling / Exception Processing
Sustainer / Monthly Pledge Processing
Data Capture
Acknowledgement / Fulfillment Processing
E-Commerce / Internet Fundraising


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