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December 12, 1990


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Data Capture

Scanning, Imaging and Data Entry

DMP’s combined advanced image technology, intelligent recognition software and high-speed scanning equipment allows us to build custom data capture platforms for our clients. DMP utilizes high speed processing technology for creating electronic images, and capturing data. For scanning applications, DMP uses state of the art equipment and software and additional response information can be captured by manual data entry. We also offer standard manual data entry that facilitates high-speed electronic file transfer or can be keyed real time online into your database system. We have 90 data entry stations.

For capturing your data via scanning, DMP's scanning technology utilizes image based data capture, which allows you much greater flexibility in document design and creativity.

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Secure Donation / Payment Processing
Strategic Information System / Imaging
Special Handling / Exception Processing
Sustainer / Monthly Pledge Processing
Data Capture
Acknowledgement / Fulfillment Processing
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