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December 12, 1990


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E-Commerce / Internet Fundraising

DMP provides a turnkey software solution for your online fundraising needs. Donatefast provides a flexible e-commerce solution to effectively compliment your direct mail campaign. Any organization can place a Paypal button on their website but few execute targeted, segmented campaigns online that maximize revenue and minimize cost. Whether you are a small, start-up non-profit or a well established national organization, Donatefast provides a secure, scalable, cost-effective solution. Donatefast enables organizations to:

  • Securely log in and easily create landing pages that mirror a direct mail campaign. Costly programming is not needed in most cases.
  • Respond quickly to a current event in order to get your message in front of a captive donor before your competition.
  • Utilize sub domains so prospective donors do not hesitate because of a ‘foreign’ url. Your organization’s donation page would utilize a url in the form of http://(non-profit ABC.com).secure-donor.com/campaign_name/mailtag/
  • Utilize ‘wrappers’ on the donation page to show the same navigational options as the organization’s homepage.
  • Allow each page to have unique Google Analytics for tracking of both visits and conversions. DMP will provide valuable and constant feedback.   
  • Integrate with Google Website Optimizer code -- client pastes in their code for the control page, and tracking codes and enables the optimizer feature; we display/output the code accordingly. This allows the client to create one campaign and test various landing pages underneath it using industry standard rules.  Constantly test landing pages to determine that perfect recipe that maximizes conversion rates and donor dollars.
  • Grow their Sustainer program by promoting the ‘monthly’ option throughout the entire online donation experience.
  • Authorize.net Prefered Reseller
  • Utilize both Authorize.Net and/or PayPal Express Checkout. DMP is an approved reseller for both and can simplify the sometimes confusing setup process.
  • Obtain daily email reporting totals of hits for each client's page, number donations for each page, total dollar value of donations for each page in all active client campaigns or sourecodes.
  • Integrate DMP’s expertise with storing and shipping fulfillment material (pins, mugs, t-shirts, etc.) based on certain donation criteria.
  • Streamline data handling by marrying data flow with direct mail data flow and reducing record duplication through database lookups.

Inquiries: Brian Muldowney   (301)714-4700

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