Government Services

Government agencies and entities require constituent accountability and cost-effective remittance processing.  DMP’s team operates under your strict guidelines and requirements to ensure cash flow and availability. We provide secure and accurate remittance processing services including mail extraction, high-speed scanning, imaging / data capture and retrieval, as well as exception processing. Our continuous improvement methodology and oversight provides an efficient, safe, and productive environment to minimize risk and assure business continuity.


Your timely remittance processing begins with early morning mail pickup, then secure payment extraction, and ends with same-day electronic funds deposit. All handled in the most-secure and efficient production facilities in the industry. DMP lockbox processes maximize cash flow, while assuring accuracy and productivity.

Scanning and Imaging

High-speed document scanning captures remittance data and archives the image realtime. Traditional manual data entry is available if needed. Authorized users can then easily view the image and data through the DMPimage+ secure portal, using advanced search capabilities.

Exceptions Handling

DMP's dedicated Exception Management team handles all non-standard responses, including rejects and lookups. Our experienced staff's goal is to cost-effectively and efficiently process every exception. We strictly follow your specific requirements and business rules.