Sustainer Management

Today’s donors want control over how, when, and what amount they donate. DMP’s proprietary sustainer program allows clients to provide that, with recurring donation capabilities for direct mail, phone, and online channels. Regardless of the donation channel, we follow each client’s specific business rules and requirements. Reporting is integrated across channels to provide sustainer program performance by campaign, period, donor, channel, etc.


  • Highly-customized program to meet client requirements
  • Seamless integration with client’s website (online channel)
  • Automated recurring donations, based on frequency donor selects
  • Integrated comprehensive reporting across channels
  • Secure client dashboard
  • Improved donor relationships
  • Additional complementary services available

Direct Mail and Phone Features

  • Encrypted donor information stored on secure server
  • Maintain both EFT and credit/debit card files
  • Letters mailed to donor if payment declined or rejected
  • Maintenance of new or cancelled donors (based on direct mail responses)
  • Level 1 PCI DSS certification for credit card processing
  • Coordination with DMP Caging services for new sustainer donors (item audit)
  • New donor sustainer notification (per client rules)

Online (Website and Mobile) Features

  • Login and password reset function (by national number)
  • Dashboard of current stats (distributions, amounts, etc.)
  • Update capabilities:
    • Personal information (name, email, etc.)
    • Change password
    • Distribution settings (amounts)
    • Payment settings and methods
    • Change recurring payments